Sky Burger

Sky Burger 2.2.3

Stack ingredients to create mammoth burgers!


  • Highly addictive gameplay
  • Easy to play
  • Colorful graphics
  • Online stats


  • Music is insanely repetitive


Sky Burger is a very addictive iPhone game in which you need to stack burgers to order in order to make money.

Each new order in Sky Burger comes with a list of ingredients that need to be added. You need to stack enough of each ingredient into the burger by catching them as they fall, tilting your device left and right to move the burger base. Once all the ingredients in Sky Burger are checked off you need to catch the top of the bun to complete the order. Make sure the bun doesn't land on the burger before it's ready, or it's game over.

As with any casual iOS game worth its salt, Sky Burger starts out in a pretty gentile way, and you should be able to pass through the first few orders without a problem. Before too long, however, the amount of ingredients in each burger rockets, and Sky Burger becomes increasingly taxing, as you try to balance a wobbling tower of ingredients.

To keep the interest levels up, Sky Burger includes a series of achievements, and an online career scoreboard, where you can see how your money making stats match up to those of other players around the world.

In terms of addictive, pick-up-and-play gameplay, Sky Burger is up there with casual gaming classics such as Angry Birds, Cut The Rope and Bird Strike. If only they would drop the looping theme tune that sticks in your head and won't get out!

Sky Burger


Sky Burger 2.2.3

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